Rails and Mint

I've got to admit, I've been hooked on Mint since it was released. It's my favorite web statistics package, in part because it's so easy to use, and in part because it's so pretty.

I had some problems integrating Mint (which is a PHP application) with the new and improved Geekbench Browser (which is a Ruby on Rails application). Fortunately I found a great article at Nuby on Rails on how to integrate Mint with Rails which helped solve my problems. Now I can keep track of how popular the new Geekbench Browser is with Geekbench users. Woo woo.

Speaking of Ruby on Rails, I finally understand what all the hype is about. Near the end of the Geekbench 2 release cycle, I ended up scrapping the old result browser (which was written in PHP and MySQL) and starting fresh with the new result browser (which is written in Ruby on Rails). It took me less than two days to implement all the functionality of the old browser in the new browser (and the old browser took several weeks to write) with about a tenth the code. Awesome.

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