A Nu Language

What's Nu?

Nu is object-oriented and functional. It is written in Lisp-like s-expressions but conforms to no preexisting Lisp standard. Instead, Nu was designed to follow Yukihiro Matsumoto’s “Principle of Least Surprise” while staying tightly integrated with C via the Objective-C runtime and object model.

Objective-C is an object-oriented extension of C that provides powerful messaging primitives, deep runtime introspection, and dynamic binding, all important tools for bridging to dynamic languages. From that, Objective-C has been bridged to many dynamic languages: Python, Ruby, Perl, Scheme, and many others. It has also been used to build at least one completely new scripting language, Philippe Mougin’s F-Script.

Nu excites me, both as a language geek, and as a software developer -- a dynamic language that's designed to work with Objective-C from the ground up is going to make it a lot easier to develop interesting applications for Mac OS X. I'm really looking forward to working with Nu in the future.

John Poole is the founder of Primate Labs and lives in Toronto, Ontario with his wife Deborah. You can find John on Twitter or .