Nehalem Preview

Anandtech has an excellent preview of Intel's Nehalem processors which Intel's hoping to release later this year:

At 2.66GHz, Nehalem is already faster than the fastest 3.2GHz Penryns on the market today. At 3.2GHz, I'd feel comfortable calling it baby Skulltrail in all but the most heavily threaded benchmarks. This thing is fast and this is on a very early platform, keep in mind that Nehalem doesn't launch until Q4 of this year.

I've been thinking about building a new PC for a while now (my main PC workstation is "only" running an E6300) but after reading this preview I think I'll wait for Intel's Nehalem processors.

Plus, if you consider that the Nehalem can have up to eight threads per processor (four hyper-threaded cores) it's not hard to imagine Apple releasing a Mac Pro that can execute 16 threads at once. That's awesome in ways I cannot begin to describe.

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