Illuminated Keyboard

A few years ago I bought a 15" PowerBook with an illuminated keyboard. At the time, I didn't think much of the keyboard:

The keyboard backlight is an interesting idea, and looks very cool, but I’m not sure how practical it is. It’s only really visible when in a pitch-black room, and I can’t remember the last time I used a laptop in a room that dark (save when I was testing the keyboard backlight).

A few days ago, I bought a 15" MacBook Pro with an illuminated keyboard and unlike the first time around I can't say how much I've missed, and how much I appreciate, having a backlit keyboard.

You see, in between the PowerBook and the MacBook Pro I had a MacBook with a regular keyboard. That keyboard was hard enough to read in dim lighting, let alone complete darkness. Now, though, I have no problem reading the keys.

If you're considering between an illuminated and a regular keyboard, might I recommend going with the illuminated keyboard. Even if it doesn't seem like much at first, you'll soon come to appreciate it.

John Poole is the founder of Primate Labs and lives in Toronto, Ontario with his wife Deborah. You can find John on Twitter or .