Softpedia Reviews Geekbench 2

Softpedia posted a Geekbench 2 Review a couple of weeks back. Overall it's pretty reasonable -- the author does a good job of pointing out Geekbench's strengths and weaknesses.

There's one part of the review, though, that I want to point out; in the review, the author downplays the importance of cross-platform (and to a certain extent, Mac-specific) benchmarks:

Back in the day, cross platform benchmarks were the only way to compare machines that run on different architecture. With the switch to Intel, and Macs being able to now run Windows, you can use pretty much any old benchmark that will run on windows to see how the Mac hardware matches up, and this is a rather common practice.

Even if you ignore the fact that the operating system plays an important role in a computer's performance (after all, it's not just about the hardware), I'm not sure how many Mac users are willing to boot into Windows just to benchmark their computer.

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