Geekbench 2.0.4

Geekbench 2.0.4 has been released! Geekbench 2.0.4 has a number of user interface improvements (along with the usual bug fixes). Geekbench 2 for Mac OS X now lets you choose how to display your results; you can choose the "default" format:

Default Result Format

or the new "plain text" format (ideal for cutting and pasting results to forums or webpages):

Plain Text Result Format

Geekbench 2 for Mac OS X also has an improved result submission mechanism; you can now examine your results before submitting them to the Geekbench Browser.

Geekbench 2 for Windows has a new Result Detail dialog box that presents results in a format similar to the "default" format on Mac OS X:

Geekbench Result Details dialog box

Geekbench 2.0.4 is a free update for all registered Geekbench 2 users.

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