iPhone 4S Benchmarks

While the iPhone 4S won't be released until Friday, Geekbench results for the iPhone 4S have started to appear on the Geekbench Browser. These initial benchmark results are quite promising; the iPhone 4S scores almost 70% higher than the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4S also compares favorably to both iPads; the score is less than 20% lower than the iPad 2, and almost 40% higher than the original iPad. See the following chart below to find out how the iPhone 4S performs compared against all of Apple's iOS devices.

These initial results also confirm that the iPhone 4S comes with 512MB.

iOS Performance

iPad 2 746
iPhone 4S 622
iPad 447
iPhone 4 (CDMA) 371
iPod touch (fourth generation) 370
iPhone 4 (GSM) 368
iPod touch (third generation) 274
iPhone 3GS 272
iPod touch (second generation) 185
iPhone 3G 135
iPhone 135
iPod touch 132

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